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Let’s ALL go on a gospel cruise with me. Terry Wayne Sanders, Spoken 4 Quartet, & Faith’s Journey Jan. 26th-Feb. 2nd!  We sail out of New Orleans, LA & head to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman , & Cozumel!  

Call Christine Scott at 979-824-3040 & tell her I sent you & you get to attend ALL of our private concerts, meet & greets, & extras!

Here are some photos from our last gospel cruise of me as ‘Gma Beulah’ who may end up on the islands with YOU! 

IMG_20180125_221354 IMG_20180125_172813 IMG_20180125_173120 IMG_20180208_104756

Sweet September!


Sweet September is here!  It’s almost Fall & that is my favorite season.  2019 has been my busiest season ever out of all 40 years!  Speaking of 40 years…  My ‘Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show’ was SOLD~OUT 3 weeks in advance & was the best show we’ve ever done!  Love ~ Laughter ~ & Tears, but well worth the hard work!  

40th anniversary

No, I have not & will not retire, “Farewell” meant that I wanted all my fans, friends, & family  to know that sometimes we don’t get the chance to say, “Farewell” & that we need to appreciate every moment that we have.  I am 60 years old, I have worked for 40 years in show business, I have my health, so I will give ANOTHER 40 years & slow down at the age of 100 when I have my ‘Terry Wayne Sanders 80th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends FINAL Farewell Show’!  It will be Sun., Aug. 31st, 2059!  Get your tickets now!

80th anniversary

Here are some highlights of the show…  

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So much to look forward to at ALL of my jobs!  ALL 6 of them!

1. Silver Dollar City


You can find me at Silver Dollar City 5 days a week Wed. ~ Sun. (They are CLOSED on Mon. & Tues.)  I play 4-5 characters a day over the entire 66 acre 1800’s theme park!

Col. Paisley A. Parnell Banker

Col. Paisley A. Parnell

'Mr. M. Balmer' SDC's undertaker

‘Mr. M. Balmer’ SDC’s undertaker

'Doc Harris' - genius!

‘Doc Harris’ – genius!

Ickibod 'Icky' the scarecrow

Ickibod ‘Icky’ the scarecrow

Alexander Osterman - clock-maker ~ time traveler!

Alexander Osterman – clock-maker ~ time traveler!

2. CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy


This is my 4th year to share the stage with CJ Newsom at the Americana Theatre here in Branson, MO!  True CLASSIC country music & my comedy cavalcade of characters!  Tues., Wed., & Sun. nights at 7:30 PM!

3. Shepherd of the Hills outdoor drama


This is my 18th season to perform in America’s largest outdoor drama, I play ‘Ollie’ the city-slicker!  I’m in the show MOST Thurs. & Sat. nights.  Please check their schedule & my Personal Appearances page!

Me as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Me as ‘Ollie’ in the Shepherd of the Hills play

4. Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 13th season to work at Big Cedar Lodge in many of their special events/shows!  I write/host ALL of their Holiday shows, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas, plus I host many of the productions like 5-K runs as Richard Simmons, ‘The Not-So-Newlywed Game’ as Joan Rivers, Halloween campfires, etc…

IMG_20180527_140450 IMG_20180402_100444 IMG_20180214_221032

Deputy Birdy & Nitro

Deputy Birdy & Nitro


5. The Muscular Dystrophy Association


I’ve been associated with the MDA for 13 years as well!  I play ‘Barney Fife’ for they ‘Lock-Ups’, parades, fun-raisers.


Barney for the MDA

Barney for the MDA

6. Personal Appearances

Terry's 2017 charatcters

I make many personal appearances throughout the year so look for me or book me!

Stay tuned for more up-dates!  


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders  

Amazing August!


Amazing August is here!  So much is going on, but the BIG news is my ‘Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Show’ is…



Yes!  What a true testament to our hard work all these years & the line-up of talented friends who made this happen!  We will be filming the show & producing a DVD of this 1-time ONLY event!  I ALWAYS film the show, we take the footage & go into the studio, & add all sorts of extras, graphics, correcting the lighting balance, sound, etc… & then we mail it our to ALL who bought them at the show.  It will be available in 6-8 weeks AFTER the show on Sun., Aug. 25th!  

40 years & still going strong!   I have my usual jobs in the area & you can keep up with me at ALL of them if you go to my Personal Appearances page.

More to come…  

Check-out July & this will tell you about where I’m at…  xoxo Terry

Jubilant July!


Jubilant July is HERE!  Branson is in FULL swing & I’ve never been busier or happier!  This is my 40th Anniversary to perform here in Branson as well as everywhere else around the globe! 

Happy 4th of July too!


Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show

I will host my 1-time ONLY ‘Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show’ on Sun., Aug. 25th, 2019 at the Americana Theatre at 2 PM!  This show WILL sell-out so call 417-544-8700 NOW! 


Join me, 7-time winner of ‘Comedian of the Year’ Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders as I celebrate my 40 years of performing!  I’ll have an all-star cast of Branson favorites 30 of us & surprise guests too!  Plus, rare, limited edition prizes, & more!

Your ticket price will help 2 local charities dear to my heart, Generation Next & the Branson Fire Fighters Association EFFORT!

Ticket prices;

VIP ~ First 6 rows – $45.00 plus tax (Includes several exclusive 40th anniversary collectibles)

Reg. Adult$35.00 plus tax

Kids 12 & under – FREE

Discounts; Senior citizen, Veteran, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Local, Teenager, or a Friend of Homer Lee/Terry Wayne Sanders then… it’s ONLY $25.00 plus tax

Please bring a non-perishable food item(s) for the charity!

What happening now…?

This month I am all over the place, not only with my regular jobs, like Silver Dollar City, the Shepherd of the Hills play, CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy show, the Baker Creek Seed Company, the MDA, Big Cedar Lodge, but personal appearances too!

Wed., July 3rd 7 PM… 

This Wed., July 3rd I’ll host Big Cedar Lodge’s Annual 5-K run as Richard Simmons!

Big Cedar Lodge

Thurs., July 4th 4:30 PM… 

Thurs., July 4th I’ll be at Silver Dollar City from 9 AM – 3:30 PM, then I’ll head to Big Cedar Lodge to host with CJ Newsom their Annual 4th of July celebration that I have written & produced for them starting at 4:30 PM!  CJ & I always have a blast, plus we have invited to share the stage with us the Petersens ~ Yes the family who’s known for their daughter’s appearance on ‘America’s Got Talent’!  But wait, there’s more!  The group ‘Members Only’ will be there, we’ll have an aerial fly-over with parachutist landing right before your very eyes Holding the American flag!

Thurs., July 4th 8:30 PM …

For my 18th year in a row you can find me in the Shepherd of the Hills play at 8:30 PM & our annual fireworks display also!


Here’s my life/schedule right NOW!

Silver Dollar City ~ 40 years now!


For 40 years I have worked the streets & theatres as many of my colorful characters!  I start my day off as Alexander Osterman ~ clock maker & Time Traveler!

Alexander Osterman clock maker & time traveler

Alexander Osterman clock maker & time traveler

Next is Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell ~ the Banker of of Silver Dollar City!

Col. Paisley A. Parnell Banker

Col. Paisley A. Parnell

Then I  play “Mr. M. Balmer ~ the Undertaker!

'Mr. M. Balmer' SDC's undertaker

‘Mr. M. Balmer’ SDC’s undertaker

I end the day as ‘Doc’ Horacio Harris ~ the German inventor of the Wild Fire roller-coaster!

Doc Harris

Doc Harris

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show

Every Sun., Tues., & Wed. night at 7:30 PM at the Americana Theatre on Hwy. 76 right here in Branson, MO,  I’m with CJ Newsom & the ‘gang’ in our own show!  I play 6 characters a night & we have a blast!

2019 CJ Cast Photo

Shepherd of the Hills play

This is my 18th season in the largest outdoor drama in America!  I play ‘Ollie’ on Thurs. & Sat. nights at 8:30 PM

Big Cedar Lodge

For 18 years now I have played many characters at/for Big Cedar Lodge!  This Wed. night I will host their annual 5-K run as Richard Simmons!


Thursday the 4th of July I will host with CJ Newsom, Big Cedar Lodge’s annual family picnic starting off at 4:30 PM we’ll have tons of activities for the hole family, plus CJ singing the classics, the world famous Petersen Family will perform with us!  Then ‘Members Only’ band will perform & we’ll have a flyover with parachutists & everything!  Then fireworks like only Big Cedar Lodge can do!

The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Baker Creek Seed Co. in Mansfield, MO

Baker Creek Seed Co. in Mansfield, MO

13 years in a row I’ve played many characters at the Baker Creek Seed Company!  I’m there the 1st Sun. of every month, but I ONLY have 2 more appearances left for 2019, July & Aug.!


This is near & dear to my heart!  For over 13 years I have done 100’s of ‘Lock-up’s & appearances as ‘Barney Fife’ for the Muscular Dystrophy Association!  Yes, he always carries his 1 bullet in his pocket!  

Personal Appearances ~ Book me!

I make a ton of personal appearances as 1-5 characters.  Check my schedule & contact me & let’s have a great time!

Terry's 2017 charatcters

Thank You!

Thank you for checking in, have a GREAT summer & I hope to see you here in Branson at 1 or more of my jobs or maybe on the road! 

Always, Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders








My hero, mentor, & friend!


On Sat. June 8th, 2019, the world has lost an incredibly talented man, his name was Wayne Milnes! He would have celebrated his 69th birthday on June 25th.  Truly, he was the ‘Robin Williams’ of the Ozarks!  Hands down Wayne was the funniest man we have ever known.  He was the comic genius for many years, training at Southwest MO. State University under the acting Professor Howard Orms.  Wayne moved to Branson working at Silver Dollar City, Shad Heller’s The Corn Crib Theatre – the Toby Show, The Memory Makers at the 76 Music Hall & the Grand Country Square, Big Cedar Lodge, & 100s of personal appearances!  He had his own TV show ‘Sammy’s Place’ as Sammy B. Good.  How fortunate anyone was to have worked across from Wayne.   He was the master of comedy & Wayne was ALWAYS “on”!  He taught me, mentored me, & was my friend until the very end.

21369088_10212208077030293_8285862642640019453_n Scan 2019-6-9 16.28.24 2 Scan 2019-6-9 16.28.24 3 Scan 2019-6-10 07.19.48 WAYNE1 WAYNE2  

We will miss the love, laughter, lunacy, & legend, but what a legacy to leave behind the great joy knowing you made the world a better place!  Peace be with you buddy!  Always, Terry