Fantastic February!


Homer Lee

Homer Lee ~ that’s me!

Fantastic February is here & that means the 2024 season here in Branson, MO. will be opening up soon!  This is the beginning of my 45th year in the entertainment business here in Branson as well as around the world!  


I just made my 20th appearance in Hartshorne, OK. with CJ Newsom & the Liberty Theater Players on Feb. 9th & 10th at the Liberty Theater!  It was their annual Valentine’s Day dinner & show.  It started at 6:30 PM both nights & was so much fun!


Otherwise I’m enjoying my winter “off”!

We’ll have orientation for Silver Dollar City on Feb. 26th, 2024 ~  Yes, even after 44 years I still need to learn new things & speaking of new things; Silver Dollar City has a…

Brand New ‘Fire In The Hole’ for 2024!


IMG_7485  IMG_7483  IMG_7621

Here they are taking down the iconic painting of the fireman with the jug & his foot sticking out & being transported to the NEW Fire In The Hole & hung-up there!

IMG_7626  IMG_7623

And here is the original mural be carried into the New Fire In The Hole & it too have been placed in a place of prominence!  

Thanks for checking in here at & I’ll see you soon!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders

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