Marching in March!


Marching in March!  Bring it!  We are tired of winter & ready for life to “Spring” into full bloom!  Branson is about to open up again for the 2021 season & we are ALL ready for it!  It really does look like it will be a wonderful season here in Branson, MO & I hope to see you here too!


Where are you Terry Wayne Sanders?

Let me fill you in…  I’ll have my usual jobs ~ 6 of them & A NEW one… thus 7 JOBS!

Starting with Silver Dollar City!  This is my 42nd season to perform there & I can’t wait!

Silver Dollar City ~ 


We open up on March 17th & I will be playing my 4-5 characters a day!

CJ Newson’s Classic Country & Comedy Show ~


This 2021 season we open on April 18th, my 62nd birthday!  I love to make money on my birthday to pay for the 62 candles on the cake!  It is the BEST Country music in town & I play multiple characters throughout the entire show!  My 6th season with CJ Newsom & the ‘gang’!  

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama ~


This will be my 20th anniversary to perform in America’s Largest outdoor play!  Our son, Evan James Sanders also performs there & sometimes we even play the same character ~ ‘Ollie Stewart’!  We will open up in May, on Memorial Day weekend!

Me as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Me as ‘Ollie’ in the Shepherd of the Hills play

Our youngest son, Evan as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Our youngest son, Evan as ‘Ollie’ in the Shepherd of the Hills play

Big Cedar Lodge ~

Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 15th season to perform in many different roles/venues/celebrations/5-K runs!  I will have my full schedule posted soon of ALL the events here & ALL of my other places of employment!  

Big Cedar Buck off

Big Cedar Buck off

Big Cedar Live Radio 'A Christmas Carol'

Big Cedar Live Radio ‘A Christmas Carol’


Little Hacienda ~



This is my 2nd year to do Facebook LIVE for ‘Little Hacienda’s Taco Tuesdays’ on my page, Terry Wayne Sanders!  Tune in & see what’s cooking, what’s new & delicious!  11 AM EVERY Tuesday… unless we have a snow-storm!  LOL!

Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb ~

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My wife, Dede, & I have converted an original 1909 Branson, MO. farmhouse into an Airbnb called ‘Grandma Beulah’s’ based on one of my characters.  It’s a beautiful, fully renovated, with all the modern amenities, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, living room, spacious front yard, private back yard with a patio & gas grill, & fire pit!  Go on Facebook & check it out Grandma Beulah’s!  With your stay you get all sorts of ‘extra’s’ including a hand-written note from Gma B herself & a bottle of her wine! 

Moscato Proof IMG_5347

The Vacation Channel ~ 

Vacation Channel for 18 years now!

For 19 years I have had my own TV show on The Vacation Channel called ‘Branson Country’.  Well, I just had a meeting with them & I will have a NEW show that we start production on the middle of March!   More details to follow…  SOON!  I can’t tell you how exciting this is!  WOW!  

Thank you!

Thank you for checking in here at, it means the world to me!  Please come up & say, “Howdy!” if you are at any of my job locations!  Have a great, safe, & health 2021!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders 




Fantastic February!


Goodbye January ~ Welcome Fantastic February!  

It’s still winter, it’s cold, it that time of season where things have slowed down & we get the opportunity to “Get things done”, to “Rest”, to ‘Love” to “Laugh”!  


I also have a few appearances this month!

Every Saturday in February I will be hosting Big Cedar Lodge’s ‘The Not-so Newlywed Game’ at 5 PM

Big Cedar Lodge

IMG_2715 30089832

Then I’ll join Chris & CJ Newsom & we’ll do a private show in Mountain Home , AR, on Feb. 11th, then on to Hartshorne, OK. for their annual Valentine’s Day dinner & show at the Liberty Theatre!  This is my 16th year in a row to perform here with the incredible Liberty Players & this year with Chris & CJ!

Scan 2018-2-8 11.52.05 cj_terry-wide_no_info

March is coming… 

March will be marching in before we know it so be ready for more up-dates ~ That is always when we open up Silver Dollar City for the 2021 season!  This will be my 42nd year with them making memories worth repeating!


March 20th is our opening day with LIMITED dates throughout March so… go to for ALL the information/scoop!  See you soon!


I love Facebook!

I love Facebook!

You can keep up with me on a daily basis if you go to my Facebook page Terry Wayne Sanders!


Thanks for checking in with me here in 2021!  Stay warm, stay safe, stay healthy, & stay happy!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders

40th anniversary

Jumping Jehosaphat it’s January!


Jumping Jehosaphat it’s January!


By the way, Happy New Year too!  2021!


2020 is behind us & I think we are ALL glad abut that & looking for a much better year in 2021!  Most things have slowed down here in Branson, Silver Dollar City is now closed for the season until mid-March.

I think we are all looking forward to the possibilities of a new year & right now for some of us some “down-time”.  As you know I keep busy with my 5-6 jobs during the “regular” season & trust me, it’s good to be “regular”!  I have 2 road shows TODAY, Jan. 2nd, 2021 with the Silver Dollar City Homestead Pickers in Willow Springs, MO.         ~ 2 PM & 7 PM at the Star Theatre!

My next scheduled shows are Feb. 11th in Mountain Home, AR., a private party.

Then Feb. 12th & 13th for my 16th year in a row at the Liberty Theatre in Hartshorne, OK!  This is open to the public & it’s their annual Valentine’s  Day dinner & show!  6 PM both nights!  The amazing CJ Newsom will be performing with me & the Liberty Players!


Keep up with me on Facebook at Terry Wayne Sanders or Ada Mae!

Plus, if you are looking for a GREAT Branson getaway, My wife & I have our very own Airbnb ~

Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb!

Go to our Facebook page & you can get the direct link there!

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Thanks for checking in with me & again, “Happy New Year!”


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders

Delightful December!




Delightful December is here!  What an 11 months we have ALL been through to get to this point ~ the end of 2020!  Our true prayer is to move forward & away from all the bad of 2020 & make 2021 filled with goodness, happiness, NO virus’, & love!

Branson is set for Christmas & I’m working in the festiveness of it all!

Silver Dollar City

This is my 41st season at Silver Dollar City & right now it’s the Christmas Festival so I have been Santa’s helper, ‘Clarence Peabody’ until Dec. 23rd.  Santa & Were at ‘Santa’s Cottage’ AKA the Carousel Barn.  Dec. 26th ~ Jan. 1st I’ll be crowd controlling at the Silver Dollar Frisco Line Depot!  1 PM – closing!

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IMG_7475  132560519_428470021618631_5790958022705550654_n

Thank & Merry Christmas from all of us ~


Big Cedar Lodge

This is now 15 years of working at Big Cedar Lodge & right now we are doing the Christmas show I’ve written/produced!  It’s the first 3 Sat. of Dec. & Christmas Eve at Big Cedar Lodge on the great lawn on the ice skating rink !  We start off with amazing musicians & singers at 4:45 PM & our show starts at 5:15 PM!  It is open to the public.  I’ll be playing the ‘Grinch’!

IMG_7891 big-cedar-5 logo

 Little Hacienda

Every Tuesday I do my Facebook LIVE ‘Taco Tuesday’ from Little Hacienda in BOTH Hollister & Branson, plus a pitstop at Bino’s Ice Cream & Coffee Shop on Indian Point Rd. by Silver Dollar City at 11 AM ~ EVERY Tuesday!

Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb

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My wife & I opened our very own Airbnb ~ Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb right here in the heart of Branson, MO!  Checkout our Facebook page Grandma Beulah’s for photos, videos, reviews, & more!  We completely remodeled  this original Branson, MO. farmhouse to the lovely 2 bedroom 1 bath home that it is!

The Americana Theatre’s New Year’s Eve Bash!

This was my 5th year to be the comedian in CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show & we we will be in the Americana Theatre’s New Year’s Eve bash!  Along with the Country Vault, Rock n Roll Royalty, Radney Pennington, Matthew Boyce, & Buckets n Boards!  Hosted by me & Jim Barber!  Plus, we’ll have a wonderful feast & libations thanks to Big D’s B~B~Q!  Call 417-544-8700 NOW for reservations.

102385456_10158319530860420_1993330140925086751_o big-ds-best-of-branson-bbq01 cj_terry-wide_no_info 88336056_109272654014421_8160611507927777280_o

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Personal Appearances 

Terry's 2017 charatcters

Book me for your next functions, Christmas party, birthdays, etc...

Thank You & Merry Christmas!

May you find the true meaning of Christmas this year & rejoice in all that you do have!  We are thankful for every one of you & for our family.  It has been a difficult year in so many ways, especially the loss of our oldest son, Austin Cole Sanders on Jan. 11th, 2020.  We have peace in knowing where he is & that we will see him again!

Austin Cole Sanders Dec. 7, 1990 Jan. 11, 2020

Austin Cole Sanders
Dec. 7, 1990
Jan. 11, 2020


Peace be with you!

Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders



November to remember!


Happy November!  I know, it’s November already…  Like I’ve said, “This has be the longest shortest year of any of our lives!”  LOL!  


Branson is set for Christmas & you can catch me all around the area celebrating this holiday season where it’s wonderful to say, “Merry Christmas!”  I have 5 jobs in the Branson area…

Silver Dollar City!


Silver Dollar City

It’s my 41st season to perform there!  In the regular season I play 4-5 characters a day,  but at Christmas time I have the best job ever…  I’m in-charge of Santa!  Yes!  I play ‘Clarence Peabody’ Santa’s helper ~ “What Ho-Ho wants, Ho-Ho gets!”  We open Silver Dollar City on Sat., Nov. 7th! 

'Clarence Peabody' at 'Kringle's Krossing AKA the Carousel Barn

‘Clarence Peabody’ at ‘Kringle’s Krossing AKA the Carousel Barn

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!


It’s my 5th season to be the comedian for CJ Newsom at the Americana Theatre!  Here I play multiple characters, ‘Homer Lee’ being my main-stay character along with Gma Beulah, Joan Rivers, Barney Fife, etc…

Big Cedar Lodge!

big-cedar-5 Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 15th season to work for Big Cedar Lodge!  I do many jobs for them one of which is hosting our 5-K runs as Richard Simmons!  Dec., 5th, 12th, 19th, & 24th I will be reprising my role as ‘The Grinch’!


Little Hacienda! 

This is my newest job is doing the Facebook Live on my own page for Little Hacienda’s ‘Taco Tuesday’ at 11 AM ~ 12:30 PM!


Personal Appearances!

Yes, if I can work it into my schedule I’ll be at your next company party or function!  Go to my ‘Personal Appearances’ link.

Terry's 2017 charatcters 

Thanks for checking in on me, it means the world!  Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders