Over the Top October!


Over the Top October is here!

I can’t believe it’s October, where has the Branson season gone?  Everyone is gearing up for the Christmas season & Fall isn’t even over!  This month you will find me busier than ever with of course my usual jobs, plus some!


Over the TOP is right…

I was just honored by Mr. Terry Beene of the ‘Terry Awards’ with their ‘Pioneer Award’! on Sun., Oct. 7th at the Jim Stafford Theatre!  They started this award show in 2014 & I was awarded their Terry Awards ‘Joey Riley Comedian of the Year’ award and now this!  I am grateful & thankful for this honor!


On top of that, CJ Newsom & the ‘gang’ & I were honored by the Branson Show Awards with ‘Comedy Show of the Year’!


Right Now!


Right now I have a 4-part cliffhanger Halloween special on Facebook!  EVERY Fri. in Oct. at 1 PM CST, we are releasing an episode of ‘Martha & Beulah’s Night of Fright’ a comedy so funny it’s scary!  Please tune-in on Facebook  at Terry Wayne Sanders, Josh Goff, Danny Branson, & Ada Mae & catch ALL 4 episodes!

Wed., Oct. 24th 1 Night ONLY ~ Martha & Beulah In-Person!

That’s right, you can meet Martha & Beulah IN-PERSON! in Branson West at Branson’s Haunted Scream-Park! 8 PM!  They will be signing autographs & also be doing 3 Facebook Live reports from the Haunted Scream-park!  Plus, mention you saw this & get $3.00 OFF your ticket price to experience the Haunted Scare-Park!


39 Seasons!

This is my 39th season to perform in the Branson area!  That means NEXT year, 2019 I will celebrate my 40th Anniversary in a BIG way!  I’ll have my 1-time ONLY…

‘Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show!’  

It will be Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 2 PM in the Americana Theatre right here in Branson, MO!  This is THE show you will want to plan on seeing!  It will SELL-OUT so make sure to get your tickets when they go on sale the 1st of 2019!  It will have tons of surprises, guest stars, tons of memories, your favorite entertainers & BIG names too!

39 years at Silver Dollar City!


Right now you can find me at Silver Dollar City 5 days a week, Wed. – Sun., those are the days they are open now. I’ll be playing my 5 characters a day & having pure fun as ‘Alexander Osterman’ the time-traveler, ‘Ickibod Icky the scarecrow’, ‘Colonel Alowishus Paisley Parnell’ the banker, ‘Mr. M. Balmer’ the undertaker, & ‘Doc Harris’ the German genius who invented the Wild Fire roller-coaster!

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy!


It’s my 3rd season to be the comedian for CJ Newsom at the Americana Theatre every Sun., Tues., & Thurs. night at 7:30 PM!  We have an amazing show with CJ, the ‘Re-Cliner’s Band’, & 2 new performers, Kaylee Ruden & Michael Jason Frost!  It’s TRUE classic country music with my comedy mayhem.  When you call or drop by for tickets, the them that you want the ‘Homer Lee Special’, that’s a Buy 1 – get 1 Free deal!  Wow!

13 years at Big Cedar Lodge!


That’s right, I’ve been performing at Big Cedar Lodge for the last 13 years!  Right now I am hosting a hayride with my buddy Ranger Jack (Farrow) every Sat. afternoon at Big Cedar Lodge 4 PM – 7 PM  It’s open to the public & there is a charge for this event, but you get to have fun playing games picking out a pumpkin & decorating it & riding with us, ‘Ranger Jack’ & ‘BC Lodge’! 

IMG_20181006_160004 IMG_20181006_155246563_HDR

Shepherd of the Hills ~ Outdoor Drama!

This is my 18th (On again off again) season to play ‘Ollie’ in America’s largest outdoor play!  Only a few performances are left for the 2018 season, they are every Tues., Thurs., & Sat. night at 7:30 PM.  I am in the Sat. show ONLY!  The last show of the season was Oct. 20th!


And speaking of Shepherd of the Hills ~  This year EVERY Sat. morning at 8:30 AM in Nov. & the first 4 Sat. in Dec. you can join me & the ‘gang’ for Santa’s Polar Pancake Party!  Santa & Pancakes Show:   With the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead transformed into a dazzling wonderland of holiday magic, it’s only fitting to kick off your day with a delightful Christmas show and a fancy feast of morning munchies!  Scrumptious pancakes and sizzling sides of bacon and eggs are served up with a show that features Jolly Old Saint Nicholas himself, along with Branson’s favorite tour guide, Terry Sanders. Be there to help Santa, Mrs. Claus, Santa’s helper, and those merry and mischevious elves prepare for the biggest night of the year, one that’s filled with fun, frivolity, and unforgettable holiday cheer!  Breakfast includes Griddle-Fried Pancakes served with Whipped Cream & Syrup, Maple Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, and Warm Cinnamon Apples – yum, yum, yum!


Can You Perform For Us?

Why yes I can!  I love to make personal appearances, so please feel free to contact me & if I can work it into my schedule I’d be thrilled to entertain at your corporate gathering, convention,, fund-raiser, etc…


Social Media!

I LOVE Facebook & you can find me there at Terry Wayne Sanders or un one of my characters, Ada Mae

I love Facebook!

I love Facebook!


Thanks for checking in & stay in touch for more things to come!  


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders 










Super September!


It’s Super September!  Yes, it is & we love it here in Branson, MO!


I have never been busier & that makes me happy & appreciate every second I’ve been given!  My daily mantra on Facebook is “Make every second count & I truly try to do that!  You can find me in my 39th season at Silver Dollar City 5 days a week, 3 nights a week I’m with CJ Newsom in ‘CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show at the Americana Theatre here in Branson, you can find me every Sat. night in the Shepherd of the Hills play as ‘Ollie’, & am at Big Cedar Lodge doing MANY special events for them!  

Sun., Sept. 2nd!

I was at the Baker Creek Seed Company in Mansfield, MO as ‘Barney Fife’!  This was my final appearance there for the 2018 season, but I’ll be back in 2019, 2020, 2021…




On Sun. Sept. 2nd, CJ Newsom & I did a 2-hour show for Big Cedar’s Labor Day Celebration starting at 4:30 PM – 6:30  & ending with a 6 plane fly-over, Clay Self & the Clay Self Band & then FIREWORKS!!! 


More to come…

Big Cedar Lodge has been one of my favorite places to also work/play!  ALL through Oct. I will be performing with ‘Frisco’ Jack Farrow doing their hay rides every Saturday afternoon/evening 4 PM – 7 PM!  We’ve worked together on many projects & always have a blast!  

RidePhoto  IMG_20181006_155246563_HDR

Silver Dollar City 2018

Now is the time to come to Silver Dollar City!  It’s our Fall Craft Festival & Salute to the Great American Cowboy! And Nothing says “Cowboy” more than meeting Mr. Buck Taylor from Gun Smoke!  He’s at Silver Dollar City now  signing photos & his amazing Artwork!



In my 39 years of performing here in Branson, MO. I have been honored 7 times as ‘Comedian of the Year’!   This year I have been presented the Brammy Award ! ‘Comedian of the Year ~ 2018’!

41991691_10217122401313072_7715962477304872960_n IMG_20180922_185219 IMG_20180922_185001 42449509_330627567499223_7895511106918023168_n

I was hosting as ‘Joan’ & when Jim Barber & I announced the winner, I accepted at Terry!  LOL!


























Amazing August!


Amazing August is here!  We are 3/4 the way through the year & Branson, MO is the place to be for pure family fun & entertainment.  You can find me at Silver Dollar City, CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy show, the Shepherd of the Hills play, Big Cedar Lodge, the Baker Creek Seed Company, the MDA, & the list goes on!



We pray…


It has been an overwhelming time in Branson, MO. since the tragic event on Thursday, July 19th at 7:15 PM.  One of the Ride the Ducks sank in Table Rock Lake taking the lives of 17 people, 9 of which were all family members.  Please continue to pray for these families as they deal with & try to understand what has happened.  The entire community is in shock, but we have rallied together with memorials & incredible donations to assist the families. Peace be with you.  Always, Terry Wayne Sanders


Joyous July!


Joyous July is here!  We are now halfway through the year/season & it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride for me & all may jobs here in the Branson & surrounding area!  That’s right I ‘Homer Lee’ & my many personas is busier than ever!


This is my 39th season to be performing ~ EVERYWHERE!

Silver Dollar City

This is my 39th season to perform at Silver Dollar City as 4-5 characters a day! Alexander Osterman the clock maker & time traveler, Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell the banker, Mr. M. Balmer the Undertaker, & Doc Horacio Harris the inventor of the Wildfire Roller coaster!

Alexander Osterman - clock-maker ~ time traveler!

Alexander Osterman – clock-maker ~ time traveler!


CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show

Every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday you can find me at the Americana Theatre playing ‘Homer Lee’, Gma Beulah, Barney Fife, Joan Rivers, Beatrice ‘Bee’ Hive, & even myself!  CJ Newsom is the talented star of the show, add the ‘Re-Cliners’ band, & new cast members Kaylee Ruden & Michael Jason Frost & you have winning combination!    


The Shepherd of the Hills Play

For 16 years my family has been involved in the outdoor drama!  The show is every Tues., Thurs., & Sat. & I am there almost every Sat. night*! * Check my personal appearances page 2018.




Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 14th season to perform at the Big Cedar Lodge!  I’ve written, cast, & perform in their BIG holiday shows like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, & Labor Day as well as many other appearances for them!

Big Cedar Lodge