Fast & Furious February!


Fast & Furious February is HERE!  

Time stops for no-one & we are hanging on…  

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For the 2nd time, I toured with Spoken 4 Quartet on Carnival Cruise Line ‘Glory’  out of New Orleans to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, & Cozumel, Mexico!  This was a gospel cruise & we had a blast from Jan. 26th, 2020 – Feb. 2nd, 2020!  Here’s Gma Beulah before & after the 7.7 earthquake that hit in the middle of the trip!


You can find me next in Hartshorne, OK. at the Liberty Theatre with the Liberty performers & CJ Newsom on Fri., Feb. 14th & 15th at 6:30 PM both nights for their annual Valentine’s Dinner & Show! 

To keep up with me, please check out my ‘2020 Personal Appearances‘ page for all my most up-dated places you can find me!  


The 28th of Feb. I’ll be back at Country  Living in Mtn. Grove, MO. my home town, for an appearance as ‘Joan Rivers’! 


After that March madness begins!  I’ll be back for my 41st season at Silver Dollar City as of March 17th as 4-5 characters a day as well as more personal appearances too!  Stay tuned for even more scoop on me & Branson, MO!


Terry ‘Homer Lee‘ Sanders



Peace be with you Austin!


Austin Cole Sanders


Dec. 7th, 1990 ~ Jan. 11th, 2020

On Sat., Jan. 11th, 2020, at 10:30 PM our oldest son, Austin Cole Sanders, died in a 1 car accident.  He fell asleep while driving home on S. Hwy. 65 between Springfield, MO. & Branson, MO..  Austin was 29 years old.


Austin was a true source of joy, the hardest working young man we’ve ever known multitasking 4 jobs, he was passionate about all aspects of life, but his true passion were his 2 fur babies ‘Krypto’ & ‘Danver’ & his music!  Austin also had 2 diverse bands, ‘Snake Fighter’ & ‘Venus of Willendorf’!

Sat., Jan. 18th, 2o2o we held a ‘Celebration of the Life of Austin’ at the Clay Cooper Theatre that was attended by over 1,200 friends, fans, & his loving family!


He is missed every day & we are trying our best to work our way through this new life/journey without him.  He leaves behind his amazing brother, Evan James Sanders, his mother Dede Sanders, & I, his father, plus all our family & a host of family-like friends, & ‘Krypto’ & ‘Danver’!

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We love you Austin, peace be with you!

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January 2020!


Happy New Year 2020!  


This year is starting off busier than ever before & that’s how life is & should be!  It makes you truly appreciate the slower times & trust me… I DO appreciate that, a lot!  I have up-dated my Personal Appearances Page 2020 so you can keep up with me!  I will be busy as always with my 6 plus jobs!

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“Bon Voyage”

I with be with Spoken 4, Faith’s Journey, & Jeff Stice Jan. 26th ~ Feb. 3rd on Carnival Cruise ‘Glory’ as we head to Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Cayman Islands, & Cozumel!

Gospel Cruise with Homer Lee

Gospel Cruise with Homer Lee

You can find me in 2020 at many of my usual haunts…

Silver Dollar City!



This will be my 41st season to work/play at Silver Dollar City!  I’ll be playing 4-5 characters a day starting March 17th!  This will be their 60th Anniversary so be prepared for all sorts of offers & fun, including the new ride Mystic River Falls!

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!



2020 makes my 5th season to be the resident comedian at the Americana Theatre’s CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show! Our show opens the 1st week of April!

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama!

Shepherd_Logo Ollie

20 years I have been in the largest outdoor drama in America!  I play ‘Ollie’ & ‘Doc’, the show opens Labor Day weekend 2020!

Big Cedar Lodge!


I have had the honor of privilege of working at Big Cedar Lodge for 13 years!  I perform, produce, & write ALL of their shows ~ Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, & Christmas as well as the many activities that require some type of character… Richard Simmons, Joan Rivers, Deputy Barney Fife, etc…

The Muscular Dystrophy Association ~ MDA!


What a true joy to be associated with this organization! 13 years now I have done their ‘Lock-Ups’ & many special appearances for them!  Stay tuned for my work with them!  

More to come soon…

Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas!

Delightful December!


Delightful December is here!


It has been a very busy year & it’s not over yet!  I have become Branson, Missouri’s busiest comedian!  Where can you find me?

Silver Dollar City!

This is my 40th season to work at this wonderful 1800’s theme park.  During the regular season I play 4-5 characters a day, but at Christmas~time, I am ‘Clarence Peabody, Santa’s helper!  Remember, “What Ho-Ho wants Ho-Ho gets!”  We ended our Christmas time with Santa on Dec. 23rd.  You can find me at Silver Dollar City from Dec. 26th – Jan. 1st crowd controlling at the Frisco Silver Dollar Line!

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line & depot at Christmas!

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line & depot at Christmas!

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Shepherd of the Hills Playhouse Theatre!

This is our 2nd year to do our ‘Breakfast With Santa’ Dec. 7th, 14th, & 24th at the Shepherd of the Hills Playhouse Theatre!  Pancakes & Santa starts at 8:30 AM & our show is at 9!  Call 417-334-4191 or go on-line for your reservations!  

This is now done for the 2019 season.


Big Cedar Lodge!

For 12 years I’ve done countless appears/shows for Big Cedar Lodge!  We start our Christmas show Sat., Dec. 7th where I play the Grinch!  Before the show we have special musical guests at 4:45 PM & our show is at 5:15 PM on the great lawn!  This is OPEN to the public  & is FREE!  It will be on Sat. evenings Dec. 7th, 14th, 21st, & 24th!

TONIGHT is our LAST performance with the Johnson Strings opening the show at 4:45 PM! 

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40th Anniversary!

I have been celebrating my 40th Anniversary ALL year long.  I even had a 1 time only Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show at the Americana Theatre!  It SOLD-OUT 3 weeks in advance of the event!  The DVD will be available Fri., Dec. 6th right here at or if you are in Branson, MO. it will be at the Americana Theatre, or at Silver Dollar City from the Homestead Pickers group at the Homestead.


The 2019 Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~

Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show DVD & more!


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The DVD is available NOW! $25.00 for 1 or if you buy 2 or more ONLY $20.00 each!  This INCLUDES shipping/handling fees!






 These official Terry Wayne Sanders coffee cups are SOLD -OUT!  So sorry!  I hope to have more back in Jan. of 2020.  

Merry Christmas!

From my family to you & yours we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  May 2020 be an astonishing year filled with great joy, love, laughter, & prosperity beyond your wildest dreams!

My favorite job ~ my family!

My favorite job ~ my family!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders