November to remember!


Happy November!  I know, it’s November already…  Like I’ve said, “This has be the longest shortest year of any of our lives!”  LOL!  


Branson is set for Christmas & you can catch me all around the area celebrating this holiday season where it’s wonderful to say, “Merry Christmas!”  I have 5 jobs in the Branson area…

Silver Dollar City!


Silver Dollar City

It’s my 41st season to perform there!  In the regular season I play 4-5 characters a day,  but at Christmas time I have the best job ever…  I’m in-charge of Santa!  Yes!  I play ‘Clarence Peabody’ Santa’s helper ~ “What Ho-Ho wants, Ho-Ho gets!”  We open Silver Dollar City on Sat., Nov. 7th! 

'Clarence Peabody' at 'Kringle's Krossing AKA the Carousel Barn

‘Clarence Peabody’ at ‘Kringle’s Krossing AKA the Carousel Barn

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!


It’s my 5th season to be the comedian for CJ Newsom at the Americana Theatre!  Here I play multiple characters, ‘Homer Lee’ being my main-stay character along with Gma Beulah, Joan Rivers, Barney Fife, etc…

Big Cedar Lodge!

big-cedar-5 Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 15th season to work for Big Cedar Lodge!  I do many jobs for them one of which is hosting our 5-K runs as Richard Simmons!  Dec., 5th, 12th, 19th, & 24th I will be reprising my role as ‘The Grinch’!


Little Hacienda! 

This is my newest job is doing the Facebook Live on my own page for Little Hacienda’s ‘Taco Tuesday’ at 11 AM ~ 12:30 PM!


Personal Appearances!

Yes, if I can work it into my schedule I’ll be at your next company party or function!  Go to my ‘Personal Appearances’ link.

Terry's 2017 charatcters 

Thanks for checking in on me, it means the world!  Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders







Outrageous October!


Outrageous October its here!  Autumn is my favorite season & so much is going on here in Branson, MO!  Shows, Silver Dollar City, scrumptious food, the sights, & the list goes on!  



I’ve never been so busy & that’s a good thing in times like this!  I still have my 6 jobs & then some!  It’s true, this is my 41st year to be a performer & bestowed the title ‘Comedian of the Year’ 8 times!

Jobs ~

Silver Dollar City ~ 


All 41 years I have performed here & right now I play 5 characters a day over the the entire 66 acre park!  ‘Alexander Osterman ~ Time Traveler & clock-maker.

Alexander Osterman - clock-maker ~ time traveler!

Alexander Osterman – clock-maker ~ time traveler!

‘Ickibod “Icky” ~ the Scarecrow’

Ickibod 'Icky' the scarecrow

Ickibod ‘Icky’ the scarecrow

‘Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell ~ Banker’

Col. Paisley A. Parnell Banker

Col. Paisley A. Parnell

‘W.P. Warburton ~ the warden’

'W. P. Warburton' the prison warden

‘W. P. Warburton’ the prison warden

‘Horatio  Doc Harris’ ~ inventor of the Wildfire roller-coaster

'Doc Harris' - genius!

‘Doc Harris’ – genius!


CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show ~


For 5 years I have been the resident comedian at the Americana Theatre for CJ Newsom & the gang!  Our show is every Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday night at 8 PM!

Shepherd of the Hills ~ outdoor drama

Your LAST chance to experience The Shepherd of the Hills play.

For 19 years I & my family have been in the largest outdoor drama in America!  I play the city slicker ‘Ollie Stewart’ making my entrance driving a 1907 DeWitt!  Our last show for 2020 is Sat., Oct. 31st!  Plus there’s so much more to enjoy at the AWARD winning Shepherd homestead!

Big Cedar Lodge ~

Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 14th season to write, produce, & star in ALL their holiday shows!  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Christmas, plus many appearances for their numerous activities!  This Christmas I will reprise my role as the ‘Grinch’ Dec. 5th, 12th, 19th, & 24th!


Little Hacienda ~


This year I have been doing my Facebook LIVE Taco Tuesday EVERY Tuesday at 11 AM on my Facebook page Terry Wayne Sanders at 4 locations!   Hollister, Branson, the Shady Taco, & Bino’s!

Grandma Beulah’s ~ Airbnb!

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My wife Dede & I have completely renovated from top to bottom, a real 1909 Branson, MO. farmhouse in the heart of the city called Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb (Check us out on Facebook)  An entire home just for you!  2 bedrooms, 1 bath, full kitchen plus a washer & dryer!  Patio & spacious backyard with gas grill & a fire-pit, & easy access to Hwy. 65, 76, & Roark Valley Road!  All new & CLEAN!

Book ME! ~

Terry's 2017 charatcters

Yes, you can have me or any of my characters at your business conventions, parties, etc…

In Memoriam ~

On Jan. 11th, 2020 at 9:54 PM our oldest son, Austin Cole Sanders was driving home & fell asleep & died in a 1-car accident.  He was only 29 years, 1 month, & 4 days of age.  Dede my wife, Evan our other son, & I want to thank everyone who has shown us true compassion in this very difficult journey.  We have peace in our hearts knowing where Austin is, we just miss him so very much!

Austin Cole Sanders Dec. 7, 1990 ~ Jan. 11, 2020

Austin Cole Sanders
Dec. 7, 1990 ~ Jan. 11, 2020

1,300 people attended his celebration of life at the Clay Cooper Theatre on Sat., Jan. 18th, 2020.


Thank you for checking in on me & my family!

Peace be with you & continue to pray for the world in the midst of this terrible virus & turmoil.


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders

Sanders Family hills_2_2

Austin, me, Evan, & Dede Sanders







Sweet September!



Sweet September is here!  Friends it has been the longest/shortest year of ALL our lives!  This also means Fall is around the corner (Sept. 22nd to be precise!)  Even with all the craziness of the world, I’ve never been busier!  I have all my usual jobs in the entertainment field!

Silver Dollar City


This is my 41st season to play multiple characters over this 66 acre 1800’s theme park!  ‘Alexander Osterman’ ~ time traveler, ‘Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell’ ~ banker, ‘W.P. Warburton’ ~ Warden of the Flooded Mine, ‘Mr. M. Balmer’ ~ undertaker, & ‘Doc’ Horacio Harris ~ Genius & inventor of the Wildfire roller-coaster!

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show 


This is my 5th season to be the comedian for CJ Newsom at the Americana Theatre here in Branson, MO.  True classic country music & me playing about 7 characters throughout the show every Sun., Tues., & Thurs. at 8 PM!

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama


For 19 seasons I have played ‘Ollie’ the city-slicker who makes his grand entrance in a 1907 DeWitt automobile!  I’m in the sho ONLY on Sat. nights at 7:30 PM

Little Hacienda

Live on Facebook (Terry Wayne Sanders) every Tuesday!

Live on Facebook (Terry Wayne Sanders) every Tuesday!

Since April of this year I have done ‘Taco Tuesday’ as me, Gma Beulah, the time traveler, etc… EVERY Tuesday Love on Facebook at Terry Wayne Sanders on Facebook at 11 AM from Little Hacienda in Hollister, Branson, & The Shady Taco at Still Waters Resort!

Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge

 15 years now I have been entertaining guests & visitors of Big Cedar Lodge!  I’ll host a 5-K Run this morning at 8:30 AM there as ‘Richard Simmons’!  Tomorrow at 4:30 PM I’ll host as ‘Homer Lee’ our annual Big Cedar Lodge Labor Day Celebration 3-hour show with Berry Wynn & the Wynn Brothers, Southern Raised, & Clay Self & the Clay Self Band including a fly-over by the Bulldog Flight Team!  Ending with a spectacular fireworks display!

Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb

117838072_665130934169793_1239052916646974642_n 101982069_378206503142182_3756882063601434624_n IMG_1401

This is a brand new venture for my wife, Dede, & I!  We have transformed a 1909 Branson, MO. farmhouse into our very own ‘Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb!  You can find it on Facebook under the same name!  It’s a quaint 2 bedroom 1 bath, fully furnished home that will make you feel at home, complete with a full kitchen, washer & dryer, gad gill in the spacious back yard as well as a fire-pit!  THIs is where you will want to spend YOUR next vacation here in Branson, MO.! 

Personal Appearances

Terry's 2017 charatcters

Throughout the year I make many personal appearances everywhere so BOOK ME!



You can keep up with me on Facebook at Terry Wayne Sanders, Ada Mae, & Grandma Beulah’s

Thanks for checking in on me & my family!  We love you all & appreciate your friendship & sup[port ALL theses 41 years!  Thank you for your kindness in the lovely expressions of condolences in the loss of our oldest son, Austin Cole Sanders on Jan. 11th, 2020.  We have peace in knowing where he is, watching over us all, but we miss him so very much!

God Bless you & yours & God bless America!  Pray for the world to find peace & happiness & kindness!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders 

August Already!


It’s August already!  I know, it’s hard to believe, but…  We are very busy here in Branson, MO & that’s great!  Maintaining social distancing & here in Branson we do have a mask mandate for the month, but that’s ok, I’m proud people care enough to keep everyone safe.

As always, I’m busier than ever!  I have my 6 jobs & I love it this being my 41st season to be an entertainer here in town & everywhere else!  

Jubilant July!


Yes, I know… It’s JULY already!  Things getting back in action as summer has hit & Branson, MO is open & ready to accommodate you for your vacation plans!


The 4th of July you can find me at Big Cedar Lodge hosting our annual bash with ‘Belle Ford’, ‘Buckets n Boards’, Prince Ivan, & me as your host!  We’ll have a fly-over with parachutists dropping in on us! 

Also, I’m performing at all my usual locales!

Silver Dollar City



5 days a week (Tuesday-Sat.) I play 4-5 characters a day over the entire 66 acre theme park.  Plus, we are about to open our newest ride…

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show


Sun., Tues., & Thurs. nights at 7:45 I hit the stage at the Americana Theatre playing multiple characters as Branson’s 7 time winning ‘Comedian of the Year’!

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama


This is my 18th season to perform in the longest running outdoor drama in America!  I am there ONLY on Sat. nights.  

Big Cedar Lodge


For the last 14 years I have played many characters in numerous shows at Big Cedar Lodge!  I will host their up-coming 4th of July bash!

Personal Appearances

Terry's 2017 charatcters

I get booked all over the place!  You can find me the 11th of July at 5 PM on the city square of Clinton, MO as ‘Barney Fife’.  If you’d like to have ‘Barney’, ‘Joan Rivers’, or any other of my characters at YOUR next function, 

2020 Virus

With the current situation, 2 of my other jobs are not having their usual schedule,  The Baker Creek Seed Company in Mansfield, MO usually has a monthly seed festival, but not right now & the MDA has their ‘Lock-Ups’, but again with the COVID 19 they are also postponed.

Thank You!

Thank you for checking in with me & stay tuned for more up-dates!  Peace be with you as we hang pin there together & we WILL get through this!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders