Jubilant June!


Jubilant June is right!  Branson is in full swing & so am I ~ It’s my 39th year as a headliner here in town with jobs/appearances everywhere!  

Silver Dollar City


This is my 39th season at Silver dollar City playing 4 characters a day right now! Alexander Osterman a clockmaker & time traveler, Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell the banker, Mr. M. Balmer ~ Undertaker, & Horacio ‘Doc’ Harris the inventor of the Wild Fire roller coaster!  For the sum months I am on the streets of Silver Dollar City Tuesday-Saturday!

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show

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It’s my 3rd year to be the comedian for CJ’s show at the Americana Theatre!  We do the show every Tues., Thurs., & Sun. night at 7:30 with my comedy pre-show at 7:20!

The Baker Creek Seed Company

The Baker Creek Seed Company offers so much!

The Baker Creek Seed Company offers so much!

My 14th season to perform/appear in Mansfield, MO as several characters for their “1st Sun. of every month!  I’ll be there Next month, July 1st!  I won’t be there this month due to  the death of a relative who’s funeral is on Sun., June 3rd.

Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge

For 14 years I have played multiple characters for the Big Cedar Lodge ~ Deputy Birdy Tweedle, Joan Rivers, Grandpa Tabuchi, Barney Fife, Ada Mae, etc…

Personal Appearances 


Check out my personal appearances page for when & where!

Marvelous May!


Marvelous May is here & so is the 2018 Branson season ~ FULL swing!  I’m as busy as ever with multiple job throughout the Branson, MO area…  “Where?”you might ask, well let me me tell you!


This is my 39th year to be a performer at Silver Dollar City!  I play 4-5 characters a day at this 1800’s theme park over the entire 66 acre park!  ‘Alexander Osterman’, a clock-maker & time traveler!  Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell the banker, Mr. M. Balmer ~ undertaker, & ‘Doc’ Harris the German inventor of the Wild Fire roller coaster!

Alexander Osterman - clock-maker ~ time traveler!

Alexander Osterman – clock-maker ~ time traveler!


'Colonel Paisley Parnell'

‘Colonel Paisley Parnell’

'Mr. M. Balmer' SDC's undertaker

‘Mr. M. Balmer’ SDC’s undertaker

'Doc Harris' - genius!

‘Doc Harris’ – genius!

At night time I am everywhere too…

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This is my 3rd season to the comedian in CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!  Every Tues., Thurs., & Sun. night at 7:30 PM in the Americana Theatre!  Sure classic country music & side-splitting comedy as ‘Homer Lee’, ‘Barney Fife’, Joan Rivers… a total of 6 character throughout the show!

The Baker Creek Seed Company offers so much!

The Baker Creek Seed Company offers so much!

You can find me every month in Mansfield, MO at the Baker Creek Seed Company!  Usually the 1st SUNDAY of each month, BUT this coming SUNDAY & MONDAY is this their BIG festival & I can ONLY be there MONDAY since I will be at Silver Dollar City on Sunday, so I’ll be there Monday from 10 AM – 3 PM!

Big Cedar Lodge

I’m also still doing many of the special events at Big Cedar Lodge like hosting their 5-K runs as ‘Richard Simmons’, hosting their ‘Not So Newlywed Game as ‘Joan Rivers’, their BIG Holiday celebrations like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc…

Shepherd of the HIlls logo

Me as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Me as ‘Ollie’ in the Shepherd of the Hills play!

This year can find me back in the Shepherd of the Hills play on many of the SATURDAYS ONLY of their Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday shows.  I am in CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy show on Tuesday & Thursday!  Please check my ‘Personal Appearance’ page for my appearances & remember this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE!  


I also make a ton of personal appearance throughout the year so make sure to check my ‘Personal Appearance’ page!

Barney for the MDA

Barney for the MDA


I still play Barney Fife for the MDA so keep on the look out for that too!

Good-bye ‘Uncle Gene’


Silver Dollar City has lost a dear & fellow employee & the world has lost a amazing man!  Gene Bortner the official greeter of Silver Dollar City has passed away at the age of 92!  He was an employee for 36 year & known to all as ‘Uncle Gene’.  I loved him like a grandpa who was always there for me & family as well as anyone else!  His funeral was Monday, April 23rd, 2018 with a packed house at Silver Dollar City.  Peace be with you buddy!

Always, Terry & the millions of lives you touched!

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Amazing April!


Amazing April is here & what a way to start it off with Easter!


And of course a day that pays tribute to people like me… April Fool’s Day!

Monday, April 1st, 2013!


This is my 39th season to be a performer here in Branson, MO & I’m still as busy as I was when I first started!  Really, I have always worked day & night ~

New Character ~ New Ride!

2018 you can find me in my 39th year at Silver Dollar City as 4-5 characters a day walking around entertaining the guests as possibly ‘W.P. Warburton’, the warden, or ‘Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell’ the banker, ‘Mr. M. Balmer’ the undertaker, ‘Doc Harris’ the inventor of the Wild Fire roller-coaster, or my newest character, ‘Alexander Osterman’ clock-maker & time traveler!  He’s connected to the newest rider at Silver Dollar City ~ Time Traveler!  It’s a 26 MILLION dollar roller-coaster that is the smoothest, quietest, tallest, steepest, & so exciting!

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Alexander Osterman - clock-maker ~ time traveler!

Alexander Osterman – clock-maker ~ time traveler!

New Name ~ New Show!

This is my 3rd year to be the comedian for CJ Newsom in her all new show called ‘CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show’! (Formerly known as ‘Classic Country’s Patsy Cline & Friends’.  We have completely revamped the show & are so very excited to invite you & everyone to join us in this fast-paced, true Classic Country, & pure comedy extravaganza!  We have also added the amazingly talented Kaylee Ruden & Michael Frost ~ seasoned performers from here in Branson who raise the bar of quality entertainment!  Our show is every Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday night at 7:30 PM at the Americana Theatre!  Tell the box office that you know me & get a $4.00 discount off every ticket, plus we have group rates for an even BIGGER discount!  See you there!


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New/Old Places To See Me!

I’ve been working for Big Cedar Lodge for many years & this year is no exception!  As a matter of fact, they have me there for MANY of their special events!  

Big Cedar Lodge

I was just there last weekend for 2 of their many special events!  I hosted their Bunny Hop 5-K run as Richard Simmons!  Then I was was myself, very rare, as the MC of the annual Easter Egg Hunt!  NEW this year is me playing ‘Joan Rivers’ hosting Big Cedar’s ‘Not So Newlywed Game!’ 

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Thanks for dropping in to check in on me.  I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of my many jobs this year!  We’ll ride Time Traveler together!  


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders 































Marvelous March!


Marvelous March!  


So much is happening here in Branson, MO ~ A new season with so much growth for the city & the area!  This is my 39th season to work/play in the entertainment business & yes, I’ll be back my usual haunts! 

Silver Dollar City!

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Silver Dollar City  is Open!


This is also my 39th year to play multiple characters at Silver Dollar City!  This year they have a new roller-coaster, not just a roller coaster, it is a 1st ~ ANYWHERE!  ‘Time Traveler’!   I’ve created a new character for this incredible attraction so please join me in riding this steampunk-styled adventure!

CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!

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2018 finds me with the AMAZING CJ Newsom in CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show at the Americana Theatre here in Branson, MO!  I’ll be playing a plethora of characters & a then some!  Our show is on Tues., Thurs., & Sun. night at 7:30 PM with alive band & surprises galore!  

The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company!


This is my 13th season to appear on select days at The Baker Creek Seed Company in Mansfield, MO!  They have a festival the 1st Sun. of every month!  I was there on March 4th & I’ll be there in May!  Join us!

Muscular Dystrophy Association!

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Thank you MDA for 13 AMAZING years!

Of course, a very worthy cause that I have been associated with is the MDA ~ the Muscular Dystrophy Association!  I’m in my 13th year with them as well!  They’ve had their ‘Lock-Ups’ for countless years & I’ve gotten to play Barney Fife & take mug shots with the ‘jailbirds’ for 13 years!  The world is ever-changing & so is the MDA.  The MDA has decided to discontinue the ‘Lock-Ups’.  My sincere thanks to the MDA & Mr. Jerry Bear, the executive director for 40 years of the Springfield, MO chapter, for allowing me to be a part of this fight to find cures, save lives, as well as help families in time of need.  I will miss this very, very much!  Here I am in Silver Dollar City’s Echo Hollow with over 4,000 people raising money for the MDA!  That is Mr. Jerry Bear, the executive director of the Springfield, MO chapter, watching me as ‘Barney’ talking with these amazing people!

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Big Cedar Lodge!

Big Cedar Lodge


Another wonderful place to stay & enjoy is Big Cedar Lodge just south of Branson, MO.  I’ve been performing there for 13 years too!  They have me scheduled for MANY of their event this season.  As a matter of fact, Sat., March 31st I’ll be playing Richard Simmers hosting their ‘Bunny Hop 5-K run’ as Richard Simmons! 

Book Me!


Also, I book my 1-man show or even CJ Newsom & I do personal appearances!  Please feel free to contact me so I can add you to my schedule!




You can keep up with me on Facebook because I really do post every single day!  I’m at Terry Wayne Sanders or Ada Mae!

Thank you!

Thanks for keeping up with me & I hope I get to see you in 2018 here in Branson, MO or somewhere on the road! Always,

Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders