Awesome August!


Awesome August!  


The 2022 season is flying by ~ we are now 8 months into the year & I’ve never been busier!  I have extra appearances this month & that’s always fun.  Go to my 2022 Appearance Page for ALL my places of employment & mayhem!  I have 9 jobs this season & that’s the way I like it ~ all 43 years of entertaining I’ve kept busy!  Here’s my job line-up now…   

 1. Silver Dollar City!

This is my 43rd season to perform at this 1800’s theme park!  I play 5 characters a day over the entire 66 acre tourist mecca!

Alexander Osterman clock maker & time traveler

Alexander Osterman clock maker & time traveler.

'Colonel Paisley Parnell'

‘Colonel Paisley Alowishus Parnell’ the banker.

'Mr. M. Balmer' SDC's undertaker

‘Mr. M. Balmer’ SDC’s undertaker.

'W. P. Warburton' the prison warden

‘W. P. Warburton’ the prison warden.

'Doc Harris' - genius!

‘Doc Harris’ – genius!




2. CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show!

I’m back for my 6th season with CJ Newsom’s Classic Country & Comedy Show as her in-house resident comedian!  I play multiple characters throughout the show.  Our show is in the Americana Theater here in Branson, MO.   The show is on Sun., Tues., & Thus. nights at 8 PM ~ BUT for the slow month of Aug. here’s our schedule;



3. Shepherd of the Hills!


This is my 21st season to perform in the outdoor drama that opened on May 10th!  I play ‘Doc’ who’s catchphrase is “What would Sarah & the girls Say!” & ‘Ollie’ the city slicker who arrives/makes his entrance in the beautiful 1907 DeWitt Automobile!

'Doc' Caughlin

‘Doc’ Caughlin


4. Big Cedar Lodge!

Of course I’m be back with Big Cedar Lodge producing & starring their BIG outdoor events Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Christmas, specialty shows hosting their 5-K runs as ‘Richard Simmons’, & so many other of their attractions!  Including me as ‘the Grinch for Christmas~time!

Big Cedar Lodge


5. The Vacation Channel!

I’m still on the Vacation Channel with my own show called ‘Best of Everything Branson’

Vacation Channel for 18 years now!

For 19 years I had my own TV show on The Vacation Channel called ‘Branson Country’…

Well, I have a NEW show called ‘Best of Everything Branson’ I can’t tell you how exciting this is! WOW!  I literally show you the best of everything in Branson, MO!  Tune-in!

6. Little Hacienda!


This is my 3rd year to do Facebook LIVE for ‘Little Hacienda’s Taco Tuesdays’ on my Facebook page ~ Terry Wayne Sanders! Tune in & see what’s cooking, what’s new, & delicious! 11 AM EVERY Tuesday… unless we have a snow-storm! LOL!

7. Personal Appearances!

Yes, you can book me for your special event!  Can you imagine having ‘Barney Fife’ at your Anniversary, Birthday, etc… Maybe ‘Joan Rivers’!  BOOK ME!

Terry's 2017 charatcters

8. Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb!

My wife, Dede, & I have our very own Airbnb!  It’s called ‘Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb’ & It’s the highest rated Airbnb in Branson, MO!  We’re on Facebook… Grandma Beulah’s!


Dede, & I have converted an original 1909 Branson, MO. farmhouse into an Airbnb called ‘Grandma Beulah’s’ based on one of my characters. It’s beautiful, fully renovated, with all the modern amenities, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, living room, spacious front yard, private back yard with a patio, gas grill, & fire pit! Go on Facebook & check it out ~ Grandma Beulah’s! With your stay you get all sorts of ‘extras’ including a hand-written note from Gma Beulah herself & a bottle of her Gma Beulah’s Marvelous Moscato wine!

IMG_5347 Moscato Proof

9. Grand Crown Resort!

I co-host a Branson Showcase with CJ Newsom at the Grand Crown Resort for their guests on Wednesday nights.  Highlighting the many incredible shows at the Americana Theatre!

Thank you!

Thank you for checking in here at, it means the world to me! Please come up & say, “Howdy!” if you are at any of my job locations! Have a great, safe, & healthy 2022!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders

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