Awesome August!


Awesome August is right!  The weather is cooling down & Branson is brimming with fun galore!  


Welcome to & my 42nd year as a headliner here in these Ozarks hills!  I have 7 jobs this 2021 season & I love it!  To keep up with me just go to my ‘Personal Appearances’ page!

Starting with Silver Dollar City! This is my 42nd season to perform there & I can’t wait!

Silver Dollar City ~

My 42nd season at Silver dollar City & I will be playing my 4-5 characters a day!

CJ Newson’s Classic Country & Comedy Show ~

This 2021 season we opened on April 18th, my 62nd birthday! I love to make money on my birthday to pay for the 62 candles on the cake! It is the BESTCountry music in town & I play multiple characters throughout the entire show! My 6th season with CJ Newsom & the ‘gang’!

Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama ~

This will be my 20th anniversary to perform in America’s largest outdoor play! Our son, Evan James Sanders also performs there & sometimes we even play the same character ~ ‘Ollie Stewart’!

Me as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Me as ‘Ollie’ in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Our youngest son, Evan as 'Ollie' in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play

Our youngest son, Evan as ‘Ollie’ in the 2014 Shepherd of the Hills play


Big Cedar Lodge ~
Big Cedar Lodge

This is my 15th season to perform in many different roles/venues/celebrations/5-K runs! I will have my full schedule posted soon of ALL the events here & ALL of my other places of employment!

Big Cedar Buck Off!

Big Cedar Buck Off!

Big Cedar Buck off

Big Cedar Buck off

Big Cedar Live Radio 'A Christmas Carol'

Big Cedar Live Radio ‘A Christmas Carol’

Little Hacienda ~

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This is my 2nd year to do Facebook LIVE for ‘Little Hacienda’s Taco Tuesdays’ on my page, Terry Wayne Sanders! Tune in & see what’s cooking, what’s new & delicious! 11 AM EVERY Tuesday… unless we have a snow-storm! LOL!

Grandma Beulah’s Airbnb ~
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My wife, Dede, & I have converted an original 1909 Branson, MO. farmhouse into an Airbnb called ‘Grandma Beulah’s’ based on one of my characters. It’s a beautiful, fully renovated, with all the modern amenities, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, full kitchen, living room, spacious front yard, private back yard with a patio & gas grill, & fire pit! Go on Facebook & check it out Grandma Beulah’s! With your stay you get all sorts of ‘extra’s’ including a hand-written note from Gma B herself & a bottle of her wine!

IMG_5347 Moscato Proof

The Vacation Channel ~
Vacation Channel for 18 years now!


For 19 years I have had my own TV show on The Vacation Channel called ‘Branson Country’. Well, I just finished filming with them & I have a NEW show that we start airing April 5th! More details to follow… SOON! I can’t tell you how exciting this is! WOW!

Thank you!
Thank you for checking in here at, it means the world to me! Please come up & say, “Howdy!” if you are at any of my job locations! Have a great, safe, & health 2021!


Terry ‘Homer Lee’ Sanders




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