Amazing August!


Amazing August is here!  So much is going on, but the BIG news is my ‘Terry Wayne Sanders 40th Anniversary ~ Homer Lee & Friends Show’ is…



Yes!  What a true testament to our hard work all these years & the line-up of talented friends who made this happen!  We will be filming the show & producing a DVD of this 1-time ONLY event!  I ALWAYS film the show, we take the footage & go into the studio, & add all sorts of extras, graphics, correcting the lighting balance, sound, etc… & then we mail it our to ALL who bought them at the show.  It will be available in 6-8 weeks AFTER the show on Sun., Aug. 25th!  

40 years & still going strong!   I have my usual jobs in the area & you can keep up with me at ALL of them if you go to my Personal Appearances page.

More to come…  

Check-out July & this will tell you about where I’m at…  xoxo Terry

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