Sad News


It was one year ago today that my inspiration passed away. My beloved Gma Jewell Sanders passed away peacefully in her home on June 9th, 2008. Her daughter (My aunt Loana) & I were with her. She is the one who helped raise me & taught me to be the funny man I am today. Gma Jewell was the inspiration for my ‘Gma Beulah’ character. Gma was not only my Gma, but she was truly my best friend. Words can’t begin to say “Thank you” enough for the outpouring of love & support during this difficult time in my life as well as the rest of my family. Here’s one of my favorite photos of she & I together for a photo shoot for a TV pilot that that I made a couple of years ago. Gma Jewell would have been 88 on June 15th.

Gma Jewell would have been 88 on June 15th.

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