Terry & Dede

Terry and Dede SandersTerry and DedeApril 16th of 2013 Dede & I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Gee, we haven’t changed a bit!

Dede was born here in Branson at Skaggs so that makes her a real live local – rare any more.  She’s also a Realtor!  If you are looking for the best, she can certainly help you get it & for the BEST price. Checkout her web-site at www.dedesanders.com or email her at dedesanders1@aol.com.  Over those 24 years we have been very blessed in so many ways.  One is to have 2 wonderful sons who work hard, know how to laugh at the world, at themselves, & at their parents!  We’re so thankful to all of you who have been so supportive of our careers in Branson.  Dede managed both of the Pizza Huts in Branson for 20 years & then retired from that.  I have ALWAYS been an entertainer here & this is my 34th season to do that!